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Novinky o Angelovi

29. září 2010 v 16:24 | Karin |  Angelo
Novinky z Angelovej stranky...angelokelly.de  Má peknu rodinku a čakaju 4.dieta                                                                                                                                                                                      

News from Angelo.

Hi everybody,                                                                                                                                22.09.2010
after getting everything ready for our one year trip, we finally started travelling in March.
In the last six months we've spent some time in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark and now Italy. We also have been to Germany a few times to visit family and friends.
I could write a whole book on the things we've experienced 'til now, which is why I've decided to show you all some pictures. I think they give a pretty good idea of our current way of life.
As you can see I'm still doing some music. I've used this opportunity to play on the streets and it is truly an amazing experience. To stand on the same level as your public without a microfon and a sound system, and to reach the people just with your guitar and voice is a real challenge.
This trip has probably been one of the best things I've decided to do in my life. It has brought my family much more together and the kids are really loving it. Which brings me to some great news. Kira and I are having our fourth child. Yes, you read correctly. FOURTH CHILD! It's starting to become a big family.
I think of you all very often and miss the concerts. I hope you are all well and that we'll see each other some day soon.
All the Best.
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